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I have a Giant SCR 1.5 that i bought from new about 15months ago. The idea was that i would really get into road biking but since this point it has mainly collected dust in my spare room. Obviously is in very good condition and am now thinking of selling it. Was wondering where people think is the best place to sell it and what sort of price should i be looking for?


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    Definately eBay. Make sure you take lots of pictures, put them on Flickr or Photobucket or whatever and link to them directly in the HTML of your ad. This sounds like a pain but it's relatively quick to do and it prevents eBay from shrinking your images or charging you for them. Buying second hand is a bit of a punt so the quality/ coverage of the photos will make all the difference. Just put it on at 99p - you can always get a mate to bid £200 if it looks like it'll go for less.

    ps. Clean the bike first.
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    There is also a 'Classified' section on this forum :wink:
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