Front rotor suitability?

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Happy New Year, folks :) !

Looking to spending a few weeks this summer visiting some primo singletrack in the Alps (trailriding/trekking rather than DH blasting - i'm not good enough for that!). So was wondering if my 180 front would be sufficient, or a 203 expedient? From an existing post here i read that a big disc may be too much strain on some forks - i run a set of RS Rev 406's. As an aside is using a non-Hayes rotor (Shim xt?) ok with my Hayes Stroker Trail setup using Sintered pads, or a V8 a more suitable choice (compatable metallurgy/pad compound etc?).


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    it is an easy swap and there are shops out there who will do it for you.

    take the bits with you and if you need to swap do it.

    but if you are a big person then maybe it might be an idea to make a change.
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  • I wouldn't say i'm particularly large - medium build/ 5'10"/ 87kg in my birthday suit - but looong descents day after day (hopefully, he he...) with a full daysack/water/gubbins etc are worth planning for. Will the forks take a 203, though... may have to give RS a bell, methinks.
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    the forks should take 203mm, i know pikes can take up to 210, it should tell you though on the rockshox website on the specs of the relevant fork.

    i think if you're not downhill blasting though, 180mm would probably be sufficient. I'm running 160mm on the front right now on my AM bike and it does the job, though i would like to go 180mm.
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