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Specialized Carbon XC bars ?

*AL**AL* Posts: 1,185
edited December 2009 in MTB buying advice
I'm looking for some replacement bars for my 2009 Stumpy HT.

I've been offered a pair of new/unused S-Works carbon fiber XC rise bars c/w the matching end plugs for £45 (rrp £91),
geometry wise they're spot on, but after searching through endless threads I can barely find a mention of them on here.

There must be a reason why they're not very popular, what am I missing ?


  • Thats a good price I would snap them If new, I am sure someone who has them will give you an update soon.
    So Far!
  • MarkLGMarkLG Posts: 189
    The bars are standard fit on the S-Works bikes, but aren't that widely available separately, which is probably why you don't see them cropping up in reviews.
    £45 is a very good price - I was looking for a set for my Stumpy FSR, but the only ones I saw on ebay were s/hand and going for £50+, which is a bit more than I'm willing to pay for used bars.
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