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TACX Cycle Motion Stand - OK for MTB?

marksatbluemarksatblue Posts: 8
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Afternoon everyone, I hope Santa was good to you all.

The Man in the Red Suit brought me a Tacx Cycle Motion Stand, and while assembling it I started to get a niggling voice at the back of my head... all the pics on Wiggle/packaging/instructions show road bikes, and I am not sure if it's suitable for a FS Merida with a long-ish travel fork. I can't see how you could use the stand to work on the front brakes, as it looks like the only clamping point is on the front fork, and involves removing the front wheel.

The question is, should I return this and get a seatpost-clamping stand instead?

Thanks in advance...
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  • Under the "Description" tab it says:

    "On the CycleMotion Stand the bike can be secured at the front or rear fork. The fork cages are adjustable in height and length, making the stand suitable for ATBs, Racing and Hybrid bikes with wheel sizes of between 24 and 28 inches. It comes equipped with a removable assembly sheet."

    I'm guessing ATB means All Terrain Bikes, so I reckon you'll be fine, though as is always the case, if you're really concerned send them an email for clarification.
  • frogstompfrogstomp Posts: 412
    I have one of these.. it's fine for working on the rear end (which I guess is where most stuff happens anyway) but, as pointed out, it's tricky to work on the front brakes if you want the front wheel left in.

    It is possible but you basically have to turn the bike around, remove the rear wheel and clamp on the rear drop-out.

    It's ok (and nice and stable) but I wish I'd got a tube-clamp one as they seem a bit more versatile.
  • OK thanks guys - I'm leaning towards the clamping option, so I'll give Wiggle a bell in the morning. Since my wife (aka Santa) spent a good amount of time researching the bike stand, I'll have to tread carefully though...
    If grey hair is a sign of experience, I should be better than this.
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