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I've just re-bled and fit some phenolic pistons to my old Hope Mini's. However, after I reassembled and bled them (definitely no air in system) the levers almost pull back to the bars before they bite on the rotors.
The brakes are fully topped up with DOT 5.1 and they don't feel squishy once they bite.
Obviously this totally avoids pad rub (good thing), but doesn't stop me very well (bad thing!!!!).
Any ideas on how to move the bite point on the bakes earlier into the lever travel?
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  • Just a thought i find my mono mini's bleed better when the pistons are full retracted (I used a plastic wedge for this) and once bled I tent to keep the lever held in over night with an elastic band. This final point makes sure the last drops of air are free'd from the system, most motorcycle companies recommend this final point so its gotta be worth trying on bike systems.
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    i find that if you hold the brake lever in & then top the resovour up replace the rubber sucktion in side replace res lid & release brake lever very slowley.then the piston in the brake has a chance to let flouid pass the compresion seal!!!!!! make sure the res is well full on replasin the lid
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  • HI woodchips. If you turn the grub screw located in the lever assembly, you can adjust the lever feel. The further out that the lever is, the sooner the bite will be.

    I am sure though that you don't have a good bleed. My experience with these brakes and the mono mini's tells me that you still have air in the system. Even 1 or 2 bubbles will give you that lever feel that you have. Make sure that the bleed nipple is up high, then using clear hose ensure that when you squeeze the lever no air bubbles are coming through.

    SteveUK has a very good guide on these brakes: http://steveukmtb.wordpress.com/hope-brakes-bleeding/

    Air in the system reduces the movement of the pistons from the bore of the caliper body. Hence, as you say when they do bite they don't feel squishy. Also check that both pistons are moving equally, and that the caliper is centred properly using shims, not the lever (assuming an IS mount caliper)

    Hope this helps

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  • Thanks for all your replies. I did push the pistons all the way in and wedged them with a spacer whilst bleeding and tied the levers to the bars overnight and there was definitely no air bubbles coming out whilst bleeding. It just feels like there isn't enough oil in the system, even though I topped it up and replaced the diaphragm and top cap as reccomended by hope. However I will try squeezing the lever and then top it up again. I'll let you know how I get on.
    2008 Giant Trance (own build)
    1996 Marin Mount Vision (from new)
    Ribble Carbon Sportive
    Dawes rigid hardtail (commuter)