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wheels. hope pro 2/dt 4.2 from evans cycles

heffordvtrheffordvtr Posts: 113
edited January 2010 in MTB buying advice
anyone purchased these from evans, ive ordered a set, on the evans website it says the front comes with the 20mm adapter but when i spoke to the staff in evans they said it did not. i only briefly mentioned it and didnt follow up on it, just wondering if anyone has ordered the wheels and if they got the adapter or not




  • MarkLGMarkLG Posts: 189
    Hope front hubs come with QR and 15mm axle adaptors as standard. The 20mm converter is an extra.
  • cool cheers for that. this is the section copied from evans site im talking about.
    Quality built wheel using a DT 4.2d disc specific rim with black DT DB Competition spokes and silver brass nipples - New Hope Pro 2 hub with sealed cartridge bearings - Includes both 20mm and QR conversion - Rim tape and two spare spokes included - Disc specific wheel - Weight - 848g - Quality XC/Enduro wheel

    if they dont come with the converters any idea of the best place to buy them is. thyre not listed on the evans site.
  • Surely if they say on the site that the wheels come with a 20mm conversion, they need to supply one (assuming you bought the wheels from the site and not in store that is).
  • picked them up today.

    at evans at least, there are two types, ones with 20mm and ones with 15mm adaptors.

    i managed to get the 15mm set, needing the 20mm set, i swapped the adapters, but the hubs take one or the other so i have the wrong wheel right adapter. need another trip to the shop to get it sorted.

    for everyones info..
  • I'd check they're not overgreased as well. The one i played with in evans the other day sounded a bit quiet, i've played with a few brand new hopes and they aren't *that* quiet when new, it almost sounded like a shimano one!
  • above is wrong. i was trying to put the adaper in the wrong way. the hubs are all the same, onlt the adapters are different.
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