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short pull levers and dual pivots

scottgeniusltd2005scottgeniusltd2005 Posts: 575
edited December 2009 in Workshop
hi all,

will short pull tektro bmx style levers work with dual pivot side pull. they just seem hard to pull

Cotic Soul rider.


  • maddog 2maddog 2 Posts: 8,114
    should be okay, but there are differences which could make the brake hard/soft.

    BMX and cantilever levers have a pivot distance of about 20mm. This will be fine for dual pivots. V brake levers are more like 30mm and would be a no-no.

    The bigger the pivot distance the firmer the lever will feel and the less power it will produce.
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  • spotted that this pm when stripping and cleaning, i.e., a larger distance from pivot to nipple holder. cleaned and greased the brakes and at the moment i can get enough power now. however may change if it proves in adequate.

    Cotic Soul rider.
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