hard tail frame?

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hi, just been looking to up grade the frame on from my kona caldera,

have been looking at the on-one 456, but have now seen the Dailled bikes prince Albert.

am hoping to spend less than £300.

does anyone have any other frame ideas? or advice about the mentioned frames?



  • supersonic
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    Apart from them being steel, none of them are really upgrades, just different - and possibly overkill for your Caldera components.

    What sort of bike are you after ie usage, fork travel etc, and is weight a concern? The Caldera is a good mid weight alu frame.
  • JamesBrckmn
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    i would recomend a kula or stumpjumper ht for xc
  • Northwind
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    Scandal, maybe. But there's not much wrong with the frame you have... If you want a bigger hitter like a PA or 456 it's going to take more than the frame I'm afraid.
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