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Wheel rim advice

DufferDuffer Posts: 379
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I'm looking at buying a set of Hope Hoops in the next couple of months. The only problem is i'm a bit baffled by the overwhelming choice of wheel rims on offer. I'm not sure it i'd be better off with DT4.2, DT5.1, Mavic xc717, Mavic xc721, Stans Flows, etc etc.... The list seems endless. Any ideas which ones i should be looking at?

I'm a reasonably heavy rider, and i ride mainly XC/Trails in the Mendips/Quantocs/South Wales trail centers and the like.

I don't seem to be too hard on wheels, as i've not had any problems with them in the past. I don't want to pay over the odds for lightweight at the expence of longevity. Also, they will be switched between my HT and my Susser.

Any advice would be greatly recieved! Thanks in advance!


  • supersonicsupersonic Posts: 82,708 Lives Here
    XC717 for XC (400g), EX721 for very heavy riders, jumps and DH (590g) and XM719 for harder XC riding (470g). The last two digits are rim width.

    The 717 or 719 sounds perfect, maybe the latter to be on the safe side and run wider tyres.
  • MarkLGMarkLG Posts: 189
    The DT XR4.2 is now replaced by the XR400, equivalent to Mavic XC717 - both good lightweight XC rims. DT XR5.1 are similar spec to Mavic 719's - a bit heavier and wider than the XC rims.
    I've recently got a pair of Hoops with the new DT XR400 xc rims - very nice wheels and very solidly built.
  • DufferDuffer Posts: 379
    Thanks very much for your advice :)

    now i only need to decide on the colour! Red, or blue... Deiscions deiscions :wink:

    thanks again
  • I`d seriously consider the Stans options.Lighter than the Mavic or DT equivalent and have a good reputation aswell as the ability to convert easily to tubeless with the addition of the Stnas yellow rim tape.
    355 are a 717 alternative,Flows more like a 719.
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