Help! Which Bike £150 - £399

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Sorry if this thread is a repeat of others.

My work are doing a cycle to work program to which i can get a voucher to use at halfords only. i dont want to us any mor than £400 Max!

The bike will be used to cycle to work every day ( 8 mile a day ) on pavement.
other than that it will be used with my son, bike riding in the woods up and down dried out ditchs, muddy tracks etc.

I have no idea about bikes, so please talk to me like bike virgin.

I am stuck between -

1. GT Aggressor XC 3 Mountain Bike 09 for £299 leaving me with up to £100 for accessories, lights etc.

2 Carrera Kraken Mountain Bike 09 for £379.99

3. GT Aggressor XC 2 Mountain Bike 09 £399

I am told that i need a bike that i can lock the forks on when on the road.

for some reason im drawn to the xc2 altho my wife said this is because its white and the most expensive.

Any ideas or opinions would be great?
Any one have these bikes or can think of any other that are better from halfords?

Many Thanks :oops: