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i going to change my current crankset (TruVativ 5D 3.1 22/32/44) with a (TruVativ Power Spline) bottom bracket with something stronger and better but unsure wheather to go for a double rather than a triple chainset also the arm length could be a bit shorter

thanks to all and to all a thanks :)
giant yukon fx1
claude butler ravana


  • BlackSpur
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    What bike, what riding and why do you want to change the current one? If it ain't broke...
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  • i ride a giant yukon fx1 do mainly xc riding although i want to do a bit of soft dh if possible got no reason to change just wanna upgrade although the ones i have on now seem ok not had any probs yet just wish crank arm was a bit shorter as i sometimes hit it on the ground when cornering on some corners
    giant yukon fx1
    claude butler ravana
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    i wouldnt bother, esp with shorter cranks for a xc bike, everyone gets pedal strike on some corners.