sticky rear brake

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looking for some advice.

My rear brake is very sticky and have checked the cable tension and cleaned the cable, but its still sticky! Any other suggestions would it could be?


  • mkirby
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    Have you re lubed it?
  • andyrr
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    Might have to remove the caliper from the bike (bolt to the frame plus the cable clamp bolt) then see if it needs cleaned/lubed : try spraying the caliper as you squeeze the 2 arms and spray all over it.
    This has rescued a few of mine in the past - I have had to totally take one or 2 to bits which is a pain but that has then allowed me to clean up the grotty surfaces and it opens and closes fine after that.
    First thing would be to see if the cable is the restriction or not.
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    Don't know what you mean by "sticky"... :?

    If it's a cable problem, the brakes will not return to their original position, so can rub against the rim. Pull the brake lever and then see if the brake has sprung back by physically pulling the pads outwards. If they move outwards, i'm 99% sure it's friction caused by the outer cable wearing away or some kind of mud/crap getting in and stopping the cable freely moving about.

    If you're not sure, undo the cable completely and move the pads inwards with your hands yourself to see if they return to their normal position without a cable. If they do, it'll be a cable issue. If you have thoroughly cleaned the cable and its entire pathway, it could just be a worn outer cable. it's usually the one near the seat tube. Clean out the actual caliper too just in case because there could be grit inside the gap between the moving parts, or on the spring mechanism.

    Most times, getting new cables will solve this problem. You shouldn't need to lube cables/brakes at all. Bad idea actually, as dirt sticking to the lube will ultimately create more friction.
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    Might be a partial dismantle of the calliper and lube up the parts on the pivot bolt if possible.
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    +1 on pivot surfaces.

    They are particularly vulnerable if you are riding in winter conditions without mudguards.
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  • Lash a load of lube on the caliper, worked for me!
  • rake
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    try loosening the pivot bolt very slightly.they are normally locked in place by a small grub screw.