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Giant Reign '08 (Service Issue)

CustomReignCustomReign Posts: 185
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Hi Guys,

I wouldn't describe myself as a chump usually, but I've taken the linkages apart on my 2008 Reign frame. Trouble is, I have too many spacers from the lower connection the secures the bottom part of the shock to the frame. There are two black spacers and one silver one. I know they all came from the lower section as I saw them fall as I unbolted it.

Can anyone advise on the configuration as I am at a loss as to where the silver spacer goes as there does not appear to be room for it although I'm certain it's required as there's a small amount of play.


  • nicklousenicklouse Posts: 50,675 Lives Here
    post pictures of the parts.
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  • richg1979richg1979 Posts: 1,087
    from what i reacal there are black spacers on the outside of all bearing points and silver ones on the inside.
  • Ha, yes. The two black ones either side of the shock and two silver ones by the bearings.

    Although I thought I caught all parts, I fund the offending lost silver spacer. All sorted. Now for a DHX service. Anyone done a DHX Air at home before?
  • Hey. I've serviced loads of air shocks. what do you need to know.
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