One bike for bit of everything...

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I'm after some advice. I'm considering selling my 6" AM bike and 4X hacker and getting one bike for all occasions. I'm getting bored of maintaining three bikes and the 6" Giant is a bit big for most UK stuff (even the DH courses).
I want a bike that will do all the above without too much fuss, I'm not looking to be a XC racer or monster hucker, I suffer the up to enjoy the down but don't want to kill myself on the climbs.

I mostly ride aggressive trails but also do a fair bit of DH, FR, 4X (more often than I used to) and dual.

I do the Megavalanche so whatever I get needs to be strong. I will keep my Maxlight HT as a commuter and XC bike.

I'm considering;

Mongoose Nugget

Blur 4X

Transition Bottle Rocket

Any one had experience with any of these or got other suggestions? I mostly use the 6" bike for trail riding and don't struggle to haul it around at about 33lbs, I love the Reign but feel I'm a bit over biked. I do use the STP for trail riding but it's real short and my hamstrings give me some jip if I BMX style it for too long.
I would use Pikes with adjustable travel and keep 2 sets of tires and 2 stems so whatever I have could be altered for different stuff.



  • sorry to kee goin on about cube ams 125 but i honestly think this could be your answer.
    it has lockable front and rear suspension.