Forks for Kona Dawg

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Greetings oh wise and knowledgable ones.

I have recently (today) become the owner of a shiny Kona Dawg 06 (Ithink) Frame. It's 2nd hand as I can't afford shiny new toys, but it's clear the previous owner looked after it.

You can check the Your Bikes forum to see pics of it.

I've just recent;y finished putting together a Kona Scrap and am considering putting the parts from that on the Dawg until I can afford to fit them both out.

However because this is my first ful suss bike I am weary of putting the front forks on it for fear of them being to small and giving me the worst geometry on a full suss bike known to man. I also don't want to break anything....

From your experience what is the best travel for a bike like this? The Dirt Jumper 2's I have I beleive are 100mm Travel. Is that enough?

Given that this is my first full suss I wont be using it for much more than what I have used my hardtails for to start with but I don't want to risk seriously damaging the bike (and myself) by making silly compromises just for the sake of getting it on the road.

In case it helps, the rear shox are fox vanilla r with 5" of travel.

Cheers for any info provided.
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