Torque Wrench Confusion

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Hi all, I have a Giant TCR Alliance Zero. I'm looking for a torque wrench for Christmas. On my bike parts such as the seat binder bolt I can't see anything in NM just 50kgfcm and 031. Could somebody please tell me how this works? Thanks, Matt.


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    kgfcm is just another unit of torque measurement, like newton metres or foot pounds. There's probably a website somewhere that will convert it for you...
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    Have a look at this Torque Converter. Looks like it's 5nm

    Good torque wrench is the Sealey STW1012, individually calibrated, with certificate. Needs hex socket bits, I bought Halfords professional bit set for £15.
  • Thanks guys - Alfablue, I'd virtually decided on that one from looking at your previous posts recommending it! In my Giant bike book/guide that came with it, it says:

    Binder Bolt M4 - 1.9 - 3.9Nm
    M6 - 14.7 - 15.6Nm
    M8 - 17.6 - 19.6Nm
    Binder Bolt M6 for Carbon framce 7.8 - 11.7 Nm

    Does this tie in with what you have written above (I don't understand the M4, M6 bits!)?

    Sorry if I appear a bit dense but I love riding, but have never used a torque wrench!
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    M4, M6 and M8 are references to metric thread sizes, ie 4mm, 6mm...
  • ahhhh ok - thanks again!
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    a 10 newton of force is equivalent to the downward weight of 1 kg. 10 newton metres(nm) is the leverage you would get with 1kg weight on the end of a horizontal bar of 1 meter in length.
  • Torque wrenches do not get much better than
  • Cycling World magazine currently has a competition to win a Norbar torque wrench.