What Brakes?

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I've got a bit of free money floating around and have decided to upgrade the brakes on my Nicolai Helius. I currently run Hayes Stroker Rydes with 180mm up front and 160mm out back.

I find them a bit on or off to be honest and they're lookign a little on the tatty side too.
I've got a budget of around £175 and would like to stick with the same sized rotors.

Any ideas & experiences :?:


  • Andy
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    I'd suggest having a look at Formula brakes. I have the R1's (lightweight XC brake) and a set of older K24's and both are excellent.
  • joshtp
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    quad axis qud-h4
    look for the review on this sitem suposed to be phenominal, cheap too.
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  • gaz047
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    these are a bit over budget, but looks like a good deal

    http://www.merlincycles.co.uk/mountain- ... e-set.html

    had the older ones, worked well, reliable.

    would also look at the formula brakes aswell
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  • Steve_b77
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    Just had a quick gander at Quad Dime Pro's, they look nice and have good reviews.

    Any opinions?
  • Quad dime pro are v good, work well good feel and look nice to with the annodised gold highlights on levers and caliper
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