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right, seeing as CRC have a 10% off weekend have pretty much decided to award myself an early Xmas pressie of a 2010 Cove Hummer frame......

now to my question, need to decide size, am 99% sure I need a 18", as have studied the specs, and it is fairly close in measurements to my 18" HT stumpy. I am 5'11", and have 33" long inside leg measurement, any Hummer owners out there give me some advice please? :?:
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2009 Cove Hummer


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    I ride a stiffee which is a 17.5" frame and allthough it is very different from the hummer i would think you would need the 18", i am also a bit shorter than you at 5'9"
    Had a shot of one last summer - good choice!
    does my tail look hard in this?

    cove stiffee

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