training peaks or 2peak ?

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which training software is best value for money considering both the training diary and the training planning facility

training peaks or 2peak or a.n.other

hoping for something to help me plan and training as a new racer


  • swaman
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    i use TP premium and find it OK for putting in my goals and getting the anual training plan with weeks designated as base, build up, peak, etc Then I use the coach to assign training sessions within the weeks but here I do tend to ajust these sessions a bit to concentrate on my weaker areas and to suit my lifestyle / time etc etc but it doea gave a good overall picture of what you year should be like, and the individual sessions are quite varied and all based on Joe Friels Training Bible principles I think

    Its OK, but I would say a coach if you can afford it or at least an individualised training plan from a coach would be better if you can afford it and you are determined to get the best from yourself

    cant comment on 2peaks never used it

    perhaps someone with more expiience can expand as i dont tend to get too deep into these things, just like to get out riding my bike