Chainstay protector on a road bike?

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Evening all!

Just bought myself a Spesh Allez Sport as my first road bike! Well, since the Raleigh one i had when i was about 10!

As i want to keep the bike in as tip top condition as i can, do you normally have a chainstay protector on a road bike? Or is it a stupid question?!

A seem to remember someone on this forum mention they used transparent fablon from B+Q on a bike, and i dont know whether this would go a yellowy colour eventually or if i should just buy some lizard skin protectors?

Thanks everyone for your help to a newbie who clearly knows nowt!!!!!



  • redvee
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    The CS protector to buy would be a chrome self adhesive one if you can find one. i don't run one myself as I don't have excess chain flapping around.
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  • The transparent fablon on my mtb hasn't gone yellow after 5 years. Some of it has gone a bit brittle and cracked/flaked off, but in the main it is still protecting the frame from chips and scuffs.
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    Even though the chain may be the right length there may be freak occurrences when your chain comes off, so you may be grateful for some protection. If you get some Bike Tape from Bike Tart you can protect the chainstay with that and also protect all other areas that may be subject to damage (such as cable rub areas).
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    Double layer of electrical tape, trimmed to fit...sorted, and comes in just about every colour.
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    I bought these off ebay, haven't used them yet but they look decent. The same guy also sells transparent ones ... 3ca8043933
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    Yes - if you drop your chain you can chip the paintwork - so get one.
  • Well thanks for all of your help and comments peeps! :)

    It seems there are quite a few different protectors out there to choose from!

    Is a material type wrap around style protector like say a lizard skin a big no no for a road bike?!


    Clarkie know nowt! :P
  • oh good grief yes - you're not a dirty mountain biker!
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    Spesh always used to include one with all their bikes. Maybe yours has gone AWOL?

    I would get some of the clear helicopter tape from ebay (I think biketape is the seller I used). Once it's on you can hardly see it and it lasts for years. If you buy enough you can cut the rest into smaller pieces and use them to protect the paintwork against cable rub.
  • I just use a strip of insulation tape.
  • Wappygixer
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    I use this on my Kuota Kebel
    It sticks, it last, its clear and it can be removed easily if required.
    You get enough in the pack to cover about half you bike completely.
    I covered the underside of my down tube, the back of my seat tube and my chain stay and still have loads left.
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    Chrome used to be popular. Aaah - i had chromed chainstays on my steel custom frame. Was very pretty.
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    Can't remember the make but I bought some thick transparent bike stickers to protect my head tube from the brake/gear cables. Very discreete and only £6 from my LBS.

    My chain is pretty taught but my chain came off when I was changing down once and it hit the chain stay. Fortunately I've got a protector on it so all was ok but would definitely have scratched the paintwork otherwise.
  • I recently bought a Cannondale Synapse I bought a chain stay right away don't want to risk damaging the paint work :wink:
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