Got my New bike today, happy happy happy!!!

harrywrigley Posts: 22
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Just thought I'd share my first road bike purchase with you all. I went all out and bought a Giant Defy Advanced 3 with some inheritance I got from my grandad (who was a very keen cyclist all the way to his late 70's). I also bought some Look KeO Max 2s and some Northwave shoes with the ratchet clip things.

I went out on my first ride today and did just over 20 miles and the bike felt absolutely amazing, very light and responsive, smooth shifting and it absorbed a lot of the road imperfections.

Learning to use clip-less pedals was a bit more interesting. I managed to fall off 10 meters away from my front door by unclipping from the opposite pedal that I was intending to take off. Luckily nothing was scratched or dented (apart from my dignity, as it was in front of a large family with loads of kids). I think i have the hang of them now, but they are not second nature yet, however I'm sure they soon will be.

Also having read the "Zipp at planet X" thread here on the forums, I ordered the Contour SL bars yesterday for £50 including p+p and VAT. They arrived about 30 mins ago and they are quite honestly the most amazing handle bars I have every seen, they weigh nothing! and look incredible. Not sure when I am going to put them on my bike though... might just hang them up on the wall.

Looking forward to racking up the miles! :D