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KCNC Brake compatibility query

stevenbstevenb Posts: 717
edited December 2009 in Workshop
Hi all,

Can someone kindly help me on a brake query I now have?

I have been advised that the KCNC brakes I want will be ok to fit my bike/SRAM Red shifters.

I have a 52cm Felt F4 2008 and my current brakes are Shimano R650 with a 49mm drop.
The KCNC brakes have a 49mm drop and the website says to check the fork measurement before ordering.
What measurement do they mean? ... -199-p.asp

Your help would be much appreciated.


  • John.TJohn.T Posts: 3,698
    The measurement they say to check is the length of bolt required to go through the fork crown. They supply nuts for up to 45mm.
    If you are using 57mm drop brakes you need to measure how far the vertical distance from the brake mounting bolt centre and the block mounting bolt centre, If this is less than 49mm then you can fit these brakes. If more then they will not fit. I would be looking for no more than 47mm for safety.
  • stevenbstevenb Posts: 717
    My current brakes are 49mm as are the KCNC so I'm all ok. :D

    I had a look on Sheldon Brown's website which was as ever most helpful. 8)
  • John.TJohn.T Posts: 3,698
    I have a 52cm Felt F4 2008 and my current brakes are Shimano R650 with a 57mm drop.
    This confused me.
  • stevenbstevenb Posts: 717
    I posted this thread before I found out about measuring I have now edited my first post.

    Now all resolved.
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