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I have a particularly wide foot and am looking for my first MTB shoe, has anyone got any suggestions?? :? [/b]


  • I am just getting into MTB. I do not have a pair of shoes at present but am looking to buy. Speaking to different people, some prefer to be cleeted in through spds etc some prefer not to be, what is the best way to suss it out?
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    If you're just starting out flat (normal) pedals maybe best for now like DMR V8's or Wellgo MG 1's, with some skate style shoes (Vans etc...) or some 5-10 shoes (very grippy soles)

    Clipless pedals are like marmite, some love em some hate em (I love em) Shimano M520 are a good starter pedal

    If you have wide feet try Specialized clipless (SPD) shoes, they are wider in the toe box than Shimano & Northwave shoes (in my experience) best bet is to get down to your LBS & try them for size

    Only way to suss out what works for you is to try them out (flat's & SPD's) & see for yourself.
  • haviing just dug out my old cannondale shoes from the shed as my shimano ones are Tight on my toes with sealskinz on, have to say there is Far more room in them for the same size foot,
    they are a different design though, being more trail shoes than the shimano's 'race' shoe style,
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    Have a look at Lake shoes, I have a pair of their wide-fit (EE) MTX185 shoes which are as comfy as you like. Plus I got them a half-size too big so I can wear my Sealskinz under them without cutting off the circulation.
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    i bought these on a recommendation from someone on here and find them spot on!

    http://www.evanscycles.com/products/sco ... e-ec019211
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    Andy_B wrote:
    If you have wide feet try Specialized clipless (SPD) shoes

    Another vote here for Specialized SPD's.

    I couldn't get on with Shimanos, although they felt good in the store after half an hour into a ride I'd have to stop and slacken off the laces to give my feet a bit of breathing space, and slack shoes on SPDs are worse than flips-flips on flats.

    I now use a pair of Specialized Taho when I'm out for a poodle around with my daughter and a pair of Carbon soled Specialized Pros for a proper ride.

    My local store is a Concept Store, aso my feet were measured up and my shoes fitted with BG Footbeds & Shims and now they are THE most comfortable shoes I own.

    Slightly pricey maybe, but you only get one pair of feet :wink:
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    Anything European is out I am afraid Europeans seem to have very narrow feet. Go for American brands. Specialized, Lake and Cannondale all seem to have decent widths.
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    Bontrager are pretty wide too.
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