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Can I ask what the main difference is between 120 and 150mm travel is on the front fork?
Granted longer forks take can take more of an impact and the stresses of downhill but what type of rider is the trek fuel ex 8 aimed at compared to trek remedy 8?


  • lol.. I so want to just reply 30mm :lol:

    longer fork bikes are heavier but can usually take more abuse than their shorter travel cousins.

    the question is a bit ambiguous... whats the reason for asking?
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    the Fuel is a totally different bike to the Remedy.

    built for different uses.
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    more travel is usually designed for bigger rocks, drops, roots, and gennaerally more of everything, including speed and insanity, its to help calm caos situations, however it brings extra weight, and means having to mess with angles, so a shorter fork is often better for other things, like xc where lighness is important, it also steers stiffer for its weight, and, importantly, it means you can have a steep HA without a stupidly high front end.
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