Giant Trance X2 2008

Elliot Ross
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Hi ya i need help please!
I have been offered a Giant Trance X2 2008 model for £900 and i am wondering if it is worth that price. It is in good condition and has had some upgrades e.g. seat nothing too big though.

Any comments much appreciated


  • supersonic
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    Does it fit, can you test it? You will have no warranty.
  • Yes it will definatly fit me its a perfect size. I wont be able to go on it due to a back problem i have at the min. Do you think this is a fair price for this bike
  • supersonic
    supersonic Posts: 82,708
    It's alright. It is only worth what you are prepared to pay. Offer less.
  • yeh i have and waiting for a response it seems a good price because the reviews say it is a good bike, thanks for the help any more comments appreciated
  • Phonk7
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    Hi i have a giant trance X3 2008 which i bought from wiggle for £875, however i was horrified when i found a trance X2 2008 was being sold ( i cant remember were, 6 months ago) for £925 brand new.
    So far ive loved it but its not really kitted up for aggressive use, ive buckled both wheels and a disc from jumping off my northshore in my garden (about a 60 cm drop) and from a weekend in Coed y brenin. But yeah trance Xs are brill if you use them for what there made for (less aggressive use on trails). If i were you id try and knock the guy down on £900 but still its a great bike for the price.
  • yeh i am trying to gonna go for 800 you never know!