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Any person that drive's an Estate

colintravcolintrav Posts: 1,074
edited December 2009 in The Crudcatcher
Looking like this .. Epic of a failure needs to be detained in a mental home ..

Ruied the look of a perfectly good car ..


  • AnonymousAnonymous Posts: 28,799
    ive got one of them.
  • AlexAlex Posts: 2,224
    I thought they came like that.
  • AnonymousAnonymous Posts: 28,799
    mine didnt but i wish it did.
  • colintravcolintrav Posts: 1,074
    double post
  • thing is.. that wont actually do anything. at high speeds that little top spoiler on the roof at the back, will kick all the air over the top of it.

    i think anyways? aha
    2009 Genesis core 00
  • DazzzaDazzza Posts: 2,364
    Technically it's a wagon not an estate. ;)

    Oh dear, wonder if i should post it on scoobynet, then again it probably already has.
    The trouble with having an open mind, of course, is that people will insist on coming along and trying to put things in it.
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  • ramemtbersramemtbers Posts: 1,562
    Errm that is mean, :lol: not, no offence to anyone that likes it, but its not the best looking machine i have ever seen.
  • El CapitanoEl Capitano Posts: 13,671
    Yet another destroyed Subbie. When will these kids learn, if you're going to modify a car, do it under the bonnet where it counts...
  • ramemtbersramemtbers Posts: 1,562
    yeah i know. there is all the boy racers in millbrook put body kits on cars thinking ts the beans but they look horrific :lol:
  • bobpzerobobpzero Posts: 1,431
    needs one of these _wsb_527x252_S9+-+N9+Lamp+Pod.JPG in silver

    the true one
  • I love the Scooby Wagon.... but i'd rather an RS6 Avant.
  • Surf-MattSurf-Matt Posts: 5,952
    A shame - they are decent cars when not wrecked like that.
  • stevet1992stevet1992 Posts: 1,502
    Looks alright if it wasnt for the big wing sticking out !

    Surely you would clean your car before taking photos for a for sale ad :?
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  • gaz047gaz047 Posts: 601
    thats the sti saloon spoiler or the prodrive one.......first time i've seen one on an estate :shock:
    i think he may have gone slightly too far in the (un)styling dept!!should have put the money towards a remap!
    just goes to show car preferences can be as diverse as bike preferences
    if it ain't ain't trainin
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  • Surf-MattSurf-Matt Posts: 5,952
    Mrs Matt learned to drive in one of those (without the silly wings) - 2.0 Turbo Wagon. I had a few drives when we were first going out (her 17, me 20) - at the time it felt like a rocket!
  • El CapitanoEl Capitano Posts: 13,671
    I looked at getting an Imprezza Wagon before I got the Legacy. They're nice and quick, just not really big enough for me. (I can 'hide' an MTB under the tonneau cover in the Legacy :wink: )
  • Surf-MattSurf-Matt Posts: 5,952
    It's just a slightly bigger hatch really - in fact I found my Golf more practical for space than the wagon. But still a lot handier than the saloon.

    Now there's no choice - hatch is all they do. And damn fugly it is too. Still quick though - the STi is bonkers quick in fact.
  • El CapitanoEl Capitano Posts: 13,671
    Surf-Matt wrote:
    Now there's no choice - hatch is all they do. And damn fugly it is too.

    Indeed. Makes one start to look at the EVO X FQ...
  • Surf-MattSurf-Matt Posts: 5,952
    I drove the FQ360 IX a while back (considered one briefly) - utterly brilliant car. I prefer it to the X but that still looks about 2395823592357293 times better than the Scoob. It looks okay as an STI but the Evo is heaps nicer.

    15mpg is a bit much though...!
  • El CapitanoEl Capitano Posts: 13,671
    Surf-Matt wrote:
    15mpg is a bit much though...!

    I've owned a Fourtrak petrol and a Grand Espace in the past. I could live with 15mpg.

    Oh and TBH, I prefer the Tommi Makinen EVO6 to any of the later ones. But I wouldn't say no to one either.
  • Surf-MattSurf-Matt Posts: 5,952
    Evo6 too chavvy and in your face for me.

    The FQ360 was just about subtle enough for me yet silly quick and gripped in a manner unknown to physics.
  • AnonymousAnonymous Posts: 28,799
    pah, 15mpg? my old 730i used to run at about 15mpg, my old 628 was even thirstier!!

    my sportwagon (2litre non turbo) does about 33mpg which is perfectly serviceable, engine needs a whole lot less care than a turbo does and i love the wy it looks. goes pretty well due to the 4 wheel drive even without a super powerful engine in as much as i can corner at surprising speeds.
  • Surf-MattSurf-Matt Posts: 5,952
    Dad had a V12 Jag for a while (the four seater ugly one) - sub 10mpg...
    The 928 was very thirsty too and the BBR Mitsi Shogun (about 280bhp) did 12ish. The V8 Ford P100 (total sleeper) was about 10mpg too but 400bhp so kind of worth it.

    I thought my Golf (R32) was bad - low 20s did my head in!
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