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Campag Ultra Torque bearings - greasing

tenortenor Posts: 278
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How often do these bearings need to be re greased?
Campag material suggests after every wet ride, but this cant be right - can it?


  • richara3richara3 Posts: 153
    The bearings on my centaur chainset are sealed. No need to lube, No harm in taking the chainset out and replacing the bearings if they feel a bit rough though. I dont think they are expensive..


    Edit : atually they are around £20 ... ... elID=26127

    Or take the old bearings to a local bearing shop... You will need a puller to remove the old ones though..
  • Monty DogMonty Dog Posts: 20,614
    Removing UT bearings requires a special puller and drift to refit - not a DIY job without special tools. In these conditions, suggest your remove the cranks and apply grease to the exterior of the bearing/ bearing cups to protect them from the weather. I wouldn't suggest popping the seals and repacking unless they are already rough.
    Make mine an Italian, with Campagnolo on the side..
  • a_n_ta_n_t Posts: 2,011
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  • WappygixerWappygixer Posts: 1,396
    I bought my bearing puller from Ebay for about £8 delivered.
    They do require a bit of machining to get them to fit, but its quite simple for a competent DIYer.
    Total cycling sell one thats already been machined but its nearly £100.
    To refit them I've found that a 1 1/8 inch crown race setter does the job.
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