Sealant inflator thingy?

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Was pottering around the new Decathalon shop and picked up one of these

description is pretty sparse but i take it its meant to fix a p****ture without having to take the wheel off/tube out?

Anyone got any experience of these 'cause if it means I can fix a puncture to get me home easily in the cold n rain I'll be delighted after my troubles chaning tubes on a ride so far.


  • Depends on type of puncture etc, how effective the sealant will be. If it does not work then you still need to fit new tube/ fix puncture. More and more new cars come with sealant instead of spare wheels. ... lants.html
  • markp2
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    I use a similar product called Vittoria Pit stop. Seems to work OK as long as you follow the instructions
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