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Hi guys i need a new bb mesured my old one and its 68 and the axle is 109, im running a race face crank with the star type drive, been trawling the net cant seem to find a 109 but can get a 108 will this fit and work ok.

thank shane.


  • nicklouse
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    i would say you have miss measured.

    as RaceFace dont make a 109mm ISIS bb.

    but to check take it out and see what it says on the shell.

    then you can get any ISIS BB.
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    I'd wait for further confirmation but I think it should be ok. 1mm is'nt adversely going to effect your chainline. You will have to tweek the H/L limiters on the front mech but that should be about it.
  • Thanks for that chaps can any one recomend any other make for around £60 seen a crank brothers one and fsa any input would be greatfull

  • superstar components one, supposed to be very good indeed, plus cheap.

    Crank bros is good, as is the FSA platinum, SKF are the best if you can find them.