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The boardman pro carbon, it pricked my ears for that price range, i have a boardman comp at the moment and am bowled over by it, after a proper set up of course.
but what other bikes represent that value for money, as in frame, weight, and groupset?

the next best thing i could find is the Ribble Road Carbon Dedacciai Scuro RS Ultegra 6700, in the special edition section of their site. But ive heard equally bad stories on both of these. Ribble with the building, halfords service, which ive experienced and isnt toooo bad... :roll:

what is everyones thoughts on these? which one would you pick?
cheers, matt.
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    The 'problems' you read about in the name of Ribble are mainly due to long lead times for their bikes.
    Generally waiting on frames to arrive. This also seems to be seasonal: when it's Winter, people want Winter bikes, in Spring everyone wants a racer or sportive frame, etc... If you plan ahead you should avoid this.
    I have had plenty of kit and accessories from Ribble, without a single glitch.
    Both bikes you mention are great value, with not much between them.
    Personally, I'd choose the Boardman, I prefer SRAM. :wink:
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  • I just bought a wilier and love it, might have trouble finding the older model that i bought though http://www.thebikelist.co.uk/wilier/mor ... eloce-2007
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  • Yeah, I mean the issue for me chosing, is that id quite like to touch the bike, see it in the flesh, for some reason pictures of bikes never ever do justice to the real thing.

    So if i really want to make an informed decision its a trip across to preston! :P again kudos on the boardman that the bikehut team rode it last year and got som decent results on it. I met the team at the east yorkshire classic in the crit on the friday night and they all said it was a great bike and cant believe it costs that much. Except they have many upgrades on theirs. noticably wheels that cost as much as the bike.
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    could buy a team and have £600 spare towards wheels.
  • Thing is tho, i want to have the double chain rings aswell, which would add more to the cost again, and i think the force is more desirable, I can put up with stock wheels for the mean while, ive not heard many bad things about the ritchey wcs ones, that come standard.
    “If you worried about falling off the bike, you’d never get on.”