XC/trail tyres? maxxis advantage?

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I am looking for front and rear tyres, for riding xc/trail. I was looking at the folding maxxis advantages, and thinking about getting a thinner tyre with a harder compound for the rear, and a wider, softer front tyre. Is that a good idea?
For the rear: http://www.bike-shed.com/products.php?p ... 2928&rs=gb
For the front: http://www.jejamescycles.co.uk/maxxis-a ... 22025.html
My original tyres were 2.0 Rubena Charbydis sport, and i think frame/fork clearance should be ok, but woud the rims be to small? They are Rockrider own brand rims, and the bike is a Rockrider 5xc.


  • The advantage is supposed to be a good allrounder, but I've not ridden it myself.

    There is no definite answer to your question since it's a personal thing, but I ride a 2.35 soft tyre on the front and a 2.1 harder compound on the back which works very well for me. But I ride with some people who ride the same size front and back.

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    Thanks Russ
    Does anyone know if i'd have a problem with a 2.25 tire and a rim designed for 2.0 tyres?
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    The advantage come up narrow so i dont think you would have a problem. I have been using advantage on the front for a while. Not had any "moments" with it yet!
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    if the bike is a HT its best to go for thebiggest tyre you can fit in the frame on the back, simply for comfort, a fat tyre provides almost an 2 inch's of "suspension"
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  • i've used a 2.2 advantage for a while- its a great all rounder for the rear. i've used it a little bit on the front in the summer. I really like it as a rear for every condition except very muddy (not the best for clearing mud).

    In comparison to a conti speed king I also used on the rear it was a bit heavier but more sure-footed + stronger
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    Thankyou for all your replies.
    I think i will get the advantages. Does anyone know the weight?
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    Thanks again Russ. What does TPI mean?
  • Threads per inch. High TPI means thinner tire walls, which means a lighter tire, but less strength. Low TPI is heavier, but stronger.
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    Thanks again. So would my rims (originaly had 2.0) be fine for 2.25 ardents?
    I have decided on these front and rear, for a bit more 'suspension' since i have a hardtail:
    http://www.evanscycles.com/products/max ... e-ec016867
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    dont get the ardents for wet weather, ive got 1 hanging in my garage. terrible wet tyre.

    get 2 minion dh-f maxxpro kevlar bead. loads more grip than ardent and roll just as fast and deffo faster than an advantage. they come in 2.35 but they are smaller than a 2.25 ardent or advantage.

    kenda nevegal are quite good in wet but quite draggy.
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    i'm not looking for a mud tyre - it doesn't get too bad around here - would an ardent be good as an all year round tyre?