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Is my rear Hub @~$#'d

badbackbadback Posts: 31
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Hi all,

Went to jump on my single speed freewheel 2008 specialized langster this morning and found that well it doesn't work. The pedals just turn round with no engagement ot the raer wheel at all. I'm presuming my rear hub is shot to pieces. Any advice on a new one?

Have a 42chainring at the middle and was wanting to make my commute a bit harder, if I am to buy a new hub chain and chainring any suggestions as to the new size or make etc.

Ta muchly


  • how cold was it?

    sometimes the grease in the hub can get thick enough in cold weather to stop the hub functioning properly
  • the rear wheel is fine, replace the freewheel chain and ring, pop a 46/48 on the front for a harder gearing.
  • you may be able to service the freewheel.

    I've kept an ACS running for ages by taking it apart, cleaning, and re-assembling.

  • Monty DogMonty Dog Posts: 20,614
    Probably a bit of corrosion in the freewheel - run some oil in there - it might be a bit rough for a bit, but should come back to life, but it won't last forever.
    Make mine an Italian, with Campagnolo on the side..
  • andrew_sandrew_s Posts: 2,511
    A freewheel

    The freewheel isn't engaging. If it hasn't given problems before, it's probably gummed up with old grease that's got somewhere it shouldn't, and it should be fixable.
    This is most easily done by flushing out with WD40 squirted into the gap between the outer revolving section and the inner static section. Run some chain oil in afterwards as a lubricant.
    This however also flushes the grease out from the bearings, so it's better to take it apart and clean & regrease properly. In the freewheel pictured above,you get in with a pin spanner in the two holes, undoing it in the arrowed direction. Grease the bearings, but use oil rather than grease on the pawls/ratchet. Reassembly can be fiddly because of springs behind the pawls..

    If you want to replace the freewheel, it undoes using a remover of the correct type, turned as for a normal right-hand thread. The remover for the freewheel above has two prongs that engage in the two notches by the N of ELAN and the S of unscrew. Other models of freewheel may use different removers - 4 prongs, or splines like a cassette lockring (but not the same, so don't get sold a cassette lockring remover). If you are just going to throw the old freewheel away, it's not unknown for even bike shops to get the old one off using hammer and an old screwdriver in the notches to knock it round.
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