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help us out guys please :) am riding a carrera banshee xxx (17.5") and am struggling to keep the front wheel up trying to manual. am toying with the idea of a shorter stem to get my weight that little bit further back but dont want to spend money i dont really have if it wont work or if it will seriously alter the handling of the bike. a little expert input would be appreciated, thanks :)

Damn that twig!!! still stuck to the flaming great branch and must have had rear mech magnetism :(


  • Hi, have you checked out the guide here..?
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    You could also read this thread which is still active: ... highlight=
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    Thank God it's not just me :oops:

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    there's been a few threads on this before do a search, there is a lot of tips out there. But the general gist of them seems to be lots and lots of practice :(

    I've been trying on and off for 6 months to do them. I can usually pop the wheel through a puddle or over a fallen branch but its never with much control or finesse but it gets the job done :)
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    you push the bike away infront of you and drop your heels and wrists
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    scoop and lean back. i learnt to manual on a dh bike. i can do it sort of. i can get a mnaul on the norco about 8 meters though.
  • I was taught you should be able to do it by dropping your weight behind the saddle and through the pedals, but have found that just unweights the front wheel and you have to push it away too with your arms. Push, don't pull up.

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  • I have to agree with the above, I have had some reasonable atempts at manualling!!

    I find the easiest way for me is to drop the seat a bit lean back over the rear tyre push down your heels on the pedals while pushing the bars forward and up with the heel of your hands. If that fails do the above after putting a power stroke in to get the wheel up.

    Try it on a hill, and be prepared to either sit on the floor or not get the wheel up at all.. Just keep trying