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Michelin lithion

machmanmachman Posts: 53
edited December 2009 in Workshop
can anyone give me a definitive answer to which way the chevron pattern should go when fitting these tyres, I understand that the chevron pattern should point in the direction the wheel rotates, true or false :?:


  • whyamiherewhyamihere Posts: 7,508
    Doesn't matter.
  • John.TJohn.T Posts: 3,698
    Tip pointing forward and logo next to valve. This serves no useful purpose but looks better. BS really.
  • jrabjrab Posts: 99
    Technically, the inner part of the sipes should touch the road first, so that water is pushed out to the sides by the tyre rotating. ie on top of the tyre the chevron should point forwards.

    Makes damn all difference on a bike though, combination of the high tyre pressure and small contact patch means the tyre will never aquaplane, and the small amount of displaced water can work through the roughness of the tarmac morer than any pattern on the tyre. Slick tyres best on a roadbike, even soaking wet.

    Different for cars due to the lower tyre pressures, massively larger contact patch and so larger volume of water to move, and generally higher speed.

  • Thank you for your input people.
  • CasbarCasbar Posts: 168
    I had a set of these last year and dont think they are any good in the wet.

    My opinion only, maybe others would like to commnet
  • jrabjrab Posts: 99
    I read a review in a magazine once, I think these tyres were fitted to a bike they tested. They refered to them as Michelin Lethalion, if I remember.....!

    Having said that I use Michelin Orium tyres on my winter bike (£12 a pair at Cycle Promotions sales!) and can't say they're a bad tyre. Keep the rims off the road as well as anything else.

    Don't roll anything like as well as the Vredesteins (Fortezza Tricomp Quattros) on the other bike but that's as likely the better wheels as well. They've lasted well enough, don't [email protected]*cture, and I haven't had many slip-slidey moments.

    I guess the Lithions are basically the same maybe with different TPI and compound.

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