Crud Road Racer Guards

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I picked up a pair of these today and proceeded to fit them as per instructions.

The fron went on fine, the front added lip is a bit off the tyre but looks ok, maybe 10mm clearance.

On the back as the guard passes under the brake caliper it touches the top of the seat-stay wishbone, this brings it closer to the tyre - subsequently I can't fit the little rear add on section as it touches the tyre.

Is not fitting the little add on a bad thing?


  • solsurf
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    Same here, and I've done over 1000 miles and they work well.

    hope this helps.
  • Steve_b77
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    Cheers ears
  • John.T
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    Are you over tightening the zip tie. It should just hold the guard not clamp it. Try loosening it a touch.
  • Anonymous
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    Try this video.

    They are an excellent product!
  • Barrie_G
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    With excellent after sales service if you have any problems
  • and they spray up a treat if you want to change their colour, mine are now royal blue
  • Stellite
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    Make sure you keep a check on the area around the brake callipers, fork and seat stay bridges as the guards wore my carbon frame away.
  • Steve_b77
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    There's no way the front lip is going on the rear guard, even after sooper hand video
  • amaferanga
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    I had to cut the end off the rear guard just after the cable tie to get them to fit my girlfriends bike (there was enough clearance under the caliper, but annoyingly not under the brake bridge). They still work, but there's a bit of spray/mud on the seat tube. Not sure if the extension bit would stop that completely though anyway.

    Great product and I found out at the weekend that they can be swapped over onto my Kuota in under 5 minutes :)
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