Maxxis Minnion Opinions please.

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I am looking at getting these tyres next, mainly for my trip to Les Arcs, but they will also probably be my stable tyre for next year. I've been using High Rollers for the last couple of years, but fancy trying something different and believe that these may be better suited to Alpine trails. I am looking at getting the 2.35" kevlar front and rear, they are only single ply, is this a big issue? I'm not a particularly aggressive rider so i don't think i need the full on DH 2.7" dual ply jobs, also like i said it'll also be my normal riding tyre for general trail riding. Oh and, how are they in mud (It seems to be muddy until at least early May over here)?
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  • I've got the single ply 2.35's K's on my Ransom and have had no problems. They work well with stan's conversion on Azonic Outlaw rims. I have a rear on the rear (as some people fit fronts on the rear), this was fitted by accident as I intended to fit a front but didn't realise till I'd sealed it. Even though it's a downhill tyre it still rolls fine.

    I have HR's before and prefer the Minions, that said I'm no expert but I suppose I'm no slouch either. Give them a punt, spend some time on google and you can find them cheap.
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    I didn't like my HRs but my minions I loved. I used a rear 2.35 and a 42a 2.35 on the front. Very good on wet rocks, much better than HRs on gravel as well.
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    minions rule gonna buy some 2.7s for wales

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    Yeah, Minions are awesome tires!
    I used one up front this weekend in Wales (TORRENTIAL RAIN) and a Wetscream on the rear.

    ... I think 2.7 is overkill personally 8)
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    well if they got them in stock otherwise it'll be 2.5's

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  • great in the dry, very stable and predictable with little rolling resistance but this is only the type of dusty, rock hard kind of dry tral you get in mid-summber in the mud it is a different matter, because of the tightly packed thread they don't shed mud at all and are very unpredictable in the wet, went to an uplift day at my local track and within half a run (it was very muddy after 4 days of nonstop rain) i might as well have beenruning slicks becasue the tyres were so clagged up.

    Not a tyre for mud at all and defo not a tyre for all year round

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