Shimano 2 Way / SRAM Rocket / Attack trigger shifters

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My rear Deore shifter has been givng me gyp - lever not returning when pushed. It is a few years old (2005/6), and despite a few squirts of lube inside it's not getting any better.

I'm toying with the idea of taking it apart to have a look inside to see if I can see what's wrong, HOWEVER.. I'm not the handiest or most patient of people, and there is a good chance that once I take it apart I won't get it back together again!
I want to be prepared for this eventuality with a new pair of shifters ready to fit, when I c*ck it all up!

Another reason I'm thinking of changing is that I don't find my current shifters comfortable - I can't position them in a way that makes both levers easy to reach because my brake levers are in the way. I'd need to rotate them more vertically than I currently have them, but this isn't possible because the shifter pod is already right up against the bottom of the brake lever clamp. I've tried every possible position that I can.

Anyway, with this in mind, I was browsing online for new shifters. Like the look of the SRAM Rockets and Attack shifters.
I've not tried the SRAM push/push style of shifting, only ever used Shimano - any opinions/advice?



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    I have SRAM attack shifters on my bike. I fitted them when I changed brakes, as it was easier to fit new shifters than muck about with hoses.

    The push push is really intuitive and it gets you in to a thumbs for gears fingers for brakes mentality. they are pretty strong too and I like the fact that you know what gear you are in from the display.

    worth noting that if you can't get a deal on a pair, you can buy any of the SRAM range for the front and only need 2:1 actuation for the rear.
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    Thanks for that diy.
    I think I'm going to try them and see if I like them.

    Have also considered the new Shimano Deore M590s, with dual action push/pull on the top lever - has anyone got these? Are they worth trying, or are they a bit of a compromise? I would imagine that the lever can't be in the ideal position for push and pull at the same time, so perhaps the SRAM (with dedicated push design) would be better?

    Any opinions gratefully received! :-)
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    shimano 2 way release is quite nice, but i found i would use the push option everytime.

    as it happens i much prefer sram for shifting and found the rocket/attack shifters made shimano shifting bearable.
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    shimano 2 way release is quite nice, but i found i would use the push option everytime.

    as it happens i much prefer sram for shifting and found the rocket/attack shifters made shimano shifting bearable.

    Isn't it easier to reach the lever to pull when standing up? Someone told me the 2 way system was designed for that reason?
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    not really just shimano realising the got it wrong with the DCL as seeing massive sales losses to Sram triggers ut having to find a way not to infringe any patents.

    go try and see.
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    for what it's worth, i think the 2 way release are fantastic. i' prefer the finger/thumb system for general riding, but downhill and braking i can use the thumb on either to get the gears ready for whatever is coming up next, and as far as i've seen there are no downsides.

    that said, if you prefer using thumbs all the time then it's largely pointless- shimano gives you the choice and matches existing kit though. while everyone is free to disagree, i prefer the shimano feel too. and they're cheaper.

    also, when you do take yours apart, make sure you get a decent screwdriver to do the job and do it carefully, or you'll round the heads out. do it over a tray or the like or i can almost guarantee you'll lose a very very tiny part somewhere
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    I just got a new bike with the 2 way release and find that i still only use them like older shimano stuff. My hands just dont seem to work the other way.
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