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eykoeyko Posts: 68
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Hello all, so I have just bought a new bike (my first since I was a kid), and just finished putting it together (and even though it just involved the front wheel, saddle and handbars I'm still chuffed :D).

So after doing that I thought I'd just have a quick spin up and down my street, and the bike is making a few noises I'm not sure about.

Firstly when I push down with my right foot, and it is fully extened the chain seems to be making a little noise (rattle?), and secondly when I brake I can hear the pads on the disc.

Now I figure the chain just needs lube (which I don't have as of yet so any recommendation would be well received), and the brakes wearing in. However since this is my first bike I'm a little worried about doing something wrong, or forgetting something, and thus watching it fall apart in my hands. So some reasurance on this would be helpful :oops: .


  • nicklousenicklouse Posts: 50,675 Lives Here
    the bike is a what?

    yes pads make noise.

    chain rubbing on the front mech?
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  • eykoeyko Posts: 68
    Yeah it's on the front mech, only with full extention on the right though.

    Thanks for the info on the pads.
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