Boardman Spoke Issue

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Morning peeps,

I've just participated in the cycle to work scheme and have opted for the Boardman Team Carbon.

After reading a few reviews it seems there was an issue with the rear spokes coming loose and the nipple dissapearing into the wheel, these reviews seem to be from some time ago, and mainly based on the '08 model.

My question is, is this still an issue for the newer bikes or have they now supposed to have sorted it?




  • Monty Dog
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    Depends on whether the current model uses the same spec of wheels? I know that some models use Ritchey wheels - where some models don't have a fantastic reputation for reliability / build quality or spares availability. That said, a decent wheelbuilder should be able to tension the spokes correctly to eliminate most problems. If you regularly check your bike properly, it shouldn't be possible that a spoke loosens sufficiently for the nipple to come loose and even if it does, it's not exactly catastrophic.
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  • Garz
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    I can give you my opinion as I have been using a boardman comp for the last 5 months now. I read of this spoke issue but for me I have had no such misfirtune. This bike was ex-display bought in june this year.

    The ritchey wheels from my understanding are actually pretty solid, originating from cervelo I think. Overall good review from me.
  • skyd0g
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    No probs with my Ritchey wheels on my '08 Comp. I think there was a problem for a short while with a few that seemed to be quickly sorted. I wouldn't worry about it if I were you, or let it put you off, but keep a close eye just in case. :D
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  • Had my 09 Road Carbon for about 6 months now and ridden about 1200 km on it on less than ideal roads, and no problems with the Ritchey DX Pro's (or whatever the standard wheels on the RC are called).
  • Cheers guys,

    Put my mind at ease somewhat! I suppose people will only shout up if theyve had a problem which probably only amount to a small percentage of Boardman owners!

    Thanks again.

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    I hope mine all come out catastrophically going at 50 downhill. That would serve the ********* right who nicked it.
    The stem also seemed very keen to work its way loose, that could be even better...
  • spursn17
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    I was told the spoke issue was something to do with the wheel building machine being set wrong, now corrected.

    No problems with mine (1500 miles).
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    I had problems with the Ritchey wheels on my 09 Comp. A couple of the spokes came loose repeatedly. Had 2 spoke breakages whilst riding. Subsequently trued but never stayed true for long. The rim is now full of cracks around the spoke nipples and resigned to the turbo trainer wheel. The front wheel however is good as new.

    To be fair they did last 5000 miles before I had to replace them. Still a bit disappointed a suppose. Wheels aint cheap.
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    I had the team carbon with ritchey pro wheels and had lots of trouble with the front spokes
    coming lose . I had the wheel changed for new one but same happened again .
    Im am just under 18 stone so they are working hard but the bike is stated to have been ttested to 18 stone !
    The bike was great for the money shame about the wheel
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    how long ago was that.what month was it built.