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I wanted to get a feel for opinion out there on coordinated cycle clothing.

We all see the pros in team kit that is matched to ever greater extremes - the proverbial biscuit was taken this year in the TDF when Mark Cavendish sported bright green sunglasses to go with his newly acquired green jersey... and shorts, and socks etc...

Now is it just me or are there more and more amateur cyclists out there wanting to look like pros? I for one think it looks good to have at least matching shorts and jersey but then I am quite vain...

But it seems that in the shops it's hard to find sets that are sold together.

Would you like to be able to buy a whole cycle kit at once - jersey / shorts / arm and leg warmers / socks / overshoes / gilet / gloves?

I personally would love this but maybe it's just not cool and I want to guage opinion.

Thanks, Chris
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  • cougie
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    Depends what you mean by matching ?

    Wearing head to toe 'Team X Pro' clothing isnt cool in my book. Makes you look like a wannabe.

    If its YOUR team though - thats fine.

    Most of my kit is plain colours though - so it looks fine together. Unlike a pal of mine who will turn up in pro kit, socks, shorts, top, mitts - all from different teams and all different colours !
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    I like to wear co-ordinated colours, but I'm not bothered who makes them.
    As for matching sets....... No way.... That's just wrong! :wink:
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    I’ve got the Spanish National team full kit plus the Euskaltel Euskadi ones. Like them lots – don’t see why I shouldn’t wear them! :)
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  • Full team kit makes me cringe. Mostly because team kits are not in the least bit stylish or classy. If your kit is cycling club that's almost acceptable but still clashes with my eyes.
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    Limburger wrote:
    Full team kit makes me cringe. Mostly because team kits are not in the least bit stylish or classy.

    Some are...


    Co-ordinating kit is just basic style. All my stuff (except MTB kit) is Assos, and it's all black or white so anything goes with anything else, including the BMC jersey and shorts above.

    I've got a white Giro Ionos and white Radars with red lenses, which match the red tags on Assos kit, and my BMC Pro Machine is black and white with red accents (such as the Easton logos).
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    Nothing wrong with a little coordination, but I wouldn't be interested in the 'uniform' look. It just comes down to personal style. Many cyclists seem to dress as badly as they do in normal everyday life
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    appreciate the replies - looks like the general feeling is that it's good to be co-ordinated but not necessarily to take it to the extreme of matching every single piece of clothing or full pro team kit!

    maybe some more understated designs would be appreciated out there.

    cheers, chris
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