Tiagra 9 speed shifter not working

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right need some help my 9 speed STI shifter has stopped working, it is a few years old and has been well used is there anything i can do to rescue it or is it a case of buy a new one.
it will not shift up or down
any ideas?
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    Have you checked the cables? Also, if you disconnect the cable from the mech, does it move freely if you push it by hand?
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  • yes mech moves free with no cable attached, shifter seems really tight, levers will not move at all, have changed cable so not that
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  • Could be the mechanism in the lever is knackered? Which side isn`t working? Which model of Taigra? The latest Tiagra 4500 model (09) has a weakness in the left-hand side gear changing part (controls front mech) if it is used in DOUBLE mode rather than TRIPLE mode. Something to do with adjusting it correctly so it selects inner and outer ring properly and not half-way in-between. The problem is that it jams up inside the lever and then a small part breaks (I know because mine did it, had been working fine for months so don`t think it`s all down to correct set-up) anyway, was under warranty so I sent it back, turns out that Shimano have stopped making the current Tiagra 4500 triple because of the problem (triple also acts as a double if need be so it`s the same lever for double / triple), and there is a superceded lever set coming out soon. I managed to get my money refunded for the pair of levers, as one lever isn`t any use without the other to match it :(

    Going to go with Ultegra 6600 instead, as heard bad things about the 105 lever having triple / double problems and breaking (loadsa right-hand side levers for sale on Ebay, hardly any left-hand ones though) and the "old" Ultegra is being sold off cheaply at the moment, missed the real cheap sets from Merlin though :(
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  • seems like the internals have given up the ghost, they must be early tiagra think they may be 5 or 6 years old, so no shame to them, so anyone got a rhs 9 speed STI shifter going spare
    willing to pay a fair price just cant justify the £200 for a new set
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  • and there is a superceded lever set coming out soon

    I've just had these fitted to my bike as a warranty job after my old LH Tiagra shifter died for the usual reason. Far, far better.
  • Just changed mine over (on my other bike that`s on the turbo) to Ultegra 6600, looks to be a bit more metal in the internals than the Tiagra had :) Good price from Ribble as well.
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