What gears to get?

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Hi, just bought myself an Orange Patriot Frame and some Marzocchi 66 Sl1 forks to go with it, i know most of the bits that are going on it, such as my Halo freedom disc wheelset and Avid Juicy 7's from another bike, but while looking for gearing i am stuck, i am going to run a single 38tooth ring up front and an 11-34 cassette but what shifter/de-railer should i use, i like the shimano XTR but they damn expensive, or should i look at getting SRAM. Thanks Rob


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    which do you like best?

    the Sram shifting or the Shimano shifting?
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  • i have not actually used SRAM gears before, but they just seem a lot cheaper. Also any other components people could recommend would be appreciated.
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    Sram isnt cheaper than Shimano if you compare like to like they are roughly the same prices

    X0 = XTR
    X9 = XT
    X7 = SLX
    X5 = Deore

    Neither is better than the other both work very well in a wide range of conditions. My personal choice XT M751 rear derailler because I like the looks.
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