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Working with Limitations

BoJlkBoJlk Posts: 7
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Hello all.
I just got my relatively new(second hand) Bike.
it's Specialized FSRxc™ Pro 2008 ... nuItemId=0

Now, with all the excitement i realized i got Small size Frame instead of Medium.
After comparing the Geometry and Technical Specifications difference between the Frame size i'm missing only 4 cm in length.

My friend suggested to work with the limitations i had and buy a new Stem adding those missing centimeters.

My Question: is this a good workaround to my problem or there are too many differences between the Frame size?


  • how tall are you?
  • You're the only one who can answer that question really.

    My old XC bike was a medium but according to all the charts etc, I should have gone for a large. I tried both but preferred how the medium felt through tight singletrack.

    Have a play about with the saddle, try moving it back a little bit. Remember though, by moving back the saddle, the front will be prone to lifting on climbs and front end grip will be reduced.

    A longer stem can stretch you out a bit, but you dont want all your weight too far forward either, and if you get too stretched (or too cramped for that matter) you will probably start to get sore shoulders, back etc.

    It can be a bit of a balancing act sometimes, getting just the right position on the bike, but once you have it, you'll know.

    Oh, if you are 6ft4 and riding a small frame, forget all the advice above 'cos you're screwed.
  • Daz555Daz555 Posts: 3,976
    If it fits, it fits and the size of the frame is irrelevant. However the 4cm you mention will only be one dimension - say the seat tube. The smaller frame will also have a shorter top tube as well.

    I'm 5'11" and ride the 09 FSRxc in a mediuim (almost went for large) - but the geom is a little different to yours as the frame changed that year.
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  • bomberesquebomberesque Posts: 1,701
    critical dimension is the top tube (cockpit length) This, as stated, can be quite personal.

    ride the bike. Get a longer seatpost if needed. If you feel yourself riding too far back on the saddle, then slide it back a bit on the rails or get a bigger offset post. Depending on the length of your stem atm, you could think about a longer stem but on't go too far, handling is affected. Again this is personal. I like shorter stems but I suppose industry standard for XC is 100mm. You'd be surprised how much difference a couple of centimeters in the stem length makes so try out different options, perhaps borrow old stems from your mates or a LBS. Most modern stems swap out in seconds.
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  • paul.skibumpaul.skibum Posts: 4,068
    I think the 4cm he is quoting is the length since he is suggesting a new stem.

    Personally I'd be looking to get a lay back post first as messing with the stem will mess with the steering but ideally you want to share the love and do a bit at both ends.
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  • BoJlkBoJlk Posts: 7
    how tall are you?
    i'm 171 cm tall and 79 cm for my inseam, and according to Bike Sizing by Speciliazed i'm in between Medium and Small.

    This is the exact Bike i got Specialized FSRxc 2008

    My Previous Bikes were HardTail and with a longer stem then those are, the sit higth is limited by the frame.
  • Ride it around and see if it feels ok. If so it probably fits. Do some long rides and see if you have any unexpected aches, if not it fits! I prefer my bikes fairly 'short', others prefer them to feel longer.
    There's really no easy answer. Others have mentioned longer stems etc Moving the saddle back or forward a bit is a free way to try a slightly longer or shorter reach
  • BoJlkBoJlk Posts: 7
    Ride it around and see if it feels ok. If so it probably fits.
    Well i did few long XC and Single Rides with it and felt very uncomfortable, i figured out it was because of the Frame size.
    I will play around with the Stem and the Seat to find my position.
    Right now i found new pains i never had before these bikes and i'm slipping from the seat during a long ride. the whole bike feels short.
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