Spacer Dimensions

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I had a bit of a problem a while back with the rear wheel on my winter workhorse. The result being that I had to buy a new wheel. The new wheel however is designed for an 8 spped rear cassette, and I have a 7 speed. No real problem because I can get one of these. I would like to machine my own at work from stainless steel. I know that the thickness is 4.5mm, but does anyone know what the inside & outside diameters are?


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    I don't think the outside diameter will matter. For inside, can't you measure the freehub diameter?

    It's be easier to just buy the spacer though for the sake of £2
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    ... or don't bother. Just fit an 8 spd and use 7 gears. I have 7 spd Shimano indexed downshifters and was given lovely set of Campag wheels. I just used an 8 spd Miche cassette and the indexing is spot on. Doesn't bother me that I never use the largest cog