STI Lever will it work with a triple?

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Can anyone tell me how to tell if my left hand Shimano Sora STI lever will be able to work with a triple chainset? I don't really want to change the complete drive system if it wont work and expect there is an easier way to find out. Thanks.


  • alfablue
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    Roll the hood back from the handlebar end and look for the model number then check this out on Shimano Europe,

    Also triple levers usually have 4 clicks, so 2 to shift between rings and two for "triming" - you will only get all of these clicks if not connected to the front mech if it has been set up on a double. Double only shifters get 2 clicks I think.

    Or, I think, but am not sure that all Sora would be triple - but again, check Shimano Europe