Sturmey Archer Indicator Sheared Off

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HI all

Had a disastrous attempt to mend a puncture on a mates Brompton,

Getting the gears back on, I mis-fed the indicator chain, and mangled it when refitting. Worst still, I sheared off the whole indicator unit by over tightening it. I have found a replacement indicator from SJS so no issue there but I am left with the threaded end that got sheared off still stuck in the hub.

Does anyone have experience of the internals of these units? Any advice anyone?



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    If it's one of these, there's a lot of bits inside them. :wink:
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  • skyd0g wrote:
    If it's one of these, there's a lot of bits inside them. :wink:

    Its not too difficult to get to the KEY (the very small piece of metal that the indicator screws into).
    The Sturmey Archer way (not the easy way) is to remove the nuts/ lock nuts / cone on the left hand side (non-drive), then get a suitable size C spanner and unscrew the whole internals of the hub. The C spanner locates on one of the notches on the black bit behind the sprocket.
    The easy (relatively easy, only if you have a vise) way is: 1 remove the nut from the left hand side. 2 place the axle left hand side in a vise , grip on the axle flats. This holds the wheel steady to work on. 3 now remove the sprocket, quite simple use a small screwdriver to prise off the retaining ring that holds the sprocket on. 4 then remove the locknut and cone from the right hand ( sprocket/drive) side of the axle . With the hub still in the vise this is easy. 5 remove the wheel from the vise. turn wheel over and you are now going to grip the part of the hub (that I have no idea what it is called ) that is black and from memory is approx 2 inches across and screws into the hub. It is the bit of the hub that has the 2 notches that SA intend you to use the C spanner on, unscrews with righthand thread. 6 once you have that removed you can then get to the KEY. 7 the KEY is approx half inch long approx eigth inch diameter with a threaded hole half way along (get a new one before you start). 8 replace the key and reassmble hub. Yes there are other bits eg spring etc but they are fairly obvious what order they go back in.
  • Thanks for all the info guys - took it to the LBS in the end.....