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Could some one in lay mans terms explain to me the difference in these two models from Cannondale... Ta


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    CAAD9 is lighter and stiffer.
  • So the average cyclist doing 30 - 60 mile a week and who's not racing might be better suited to the CAAD 8?
  • As I understand it Cannondale pushed up the prices of the CAAD9 and introduced the CAAD8 to fill the price point for 2010 bikes. As NapD says the frame isnt as stiff as the 9. The 9 frame is something of a classic aluminium frame and was a bike raced in the past. But I dont think this should be a reason to put you off.

    I bought the CAAD9 in part on NapD's recommendation and trying one out. I really like it. I use it for weekend rides, occasional commuting in the dry, sportives and triathlons. The position can be made less aggressive with spacers and flipping the stem. I worried it might shake my teeth out after a put off chat from Evans but the reality is a precise, comfortable and sure footed ride.

    This year is the last year Cannondale are making the frames in the USA (I think production is going to China) so its a good year to buy one. But do try one/others if you are thinking of buying. Its the only way really of knowing if the bike is right for you.
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  • Thanks Macondo01 that wee review is really helpful...
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    I took a good look at some bikes not long ago and I must admit I was rather impressed with the CAAD9. Will definitely feature on my hitlist for the next upgrade purchase.
  • No problem. :D

    Here's bike radar's review of the caad9 ... t-09-33260

    and cycling weekly ... mpact.html

    It might be a factor but the kudos of the caad9 is more than the caad8 which will matter if you come to sell it on.
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