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jcwadsjcwads Posts: 6
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Hi Everyone

I am new to this Forum. I've just got back into MTB and bought myself my new toy, a Trex EX8 '09.

Its a great bike, only had it out twice though. I wanted some advice. I have seen a few forum's about the tyres being not so good in the wet. I have to agree that last weekend in the mud and wet, I was not so confident and slipped out frequently.

I am not the most hands on, fix things myself person, but how easy is it to put a pair of Mud X's on the bike? Also, is it worth whilst I am at it going tubeliess? Not sure of the pro's and con's. And if it is worth going tubeless, is it better getting the LBS to do it for me?

Anyway any advice is always appreciated. Thanks, J.


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