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I am thinking of making a move into road cycling following a few crashes on the mtb recently which have resulted in me being off work for three months out of the last twelve with two broken wrists (seperate incidents!). Not surpisingly, my employers are not impressed with these continued absence, through what they see as irresponsible "extreme" sport.

In addition, my doctor is concerned that it could be some considerable time before my wrists are up to the continued pounding of off road riding so it got me thinking....

I've always been intrigued by the whole roadie thing and like to think I am fairly fit for my age (i'm 40). I run 15 - 20 miles per week and usually (when fit) I ride my MTB twice a week. However, in recent months these continued injuries have led to me losing faith/interest in mtbing and I am considering getting a road bike as an alternative (or as a supplement to more moderate mountain bike riding) - at least my employer won't see that so much as a dangerous sport! (not to mention the pressure from Mrs B to jack it in!). Does anybody have any opinions about whether it's generally safer? - excluding Car drivers I mean

If I were to sell one of my mtb's I would have a budget of £750 - £1k and like the look of the planet X team alu (I like the company having had a number of On One mtb's and it's now £800) but I am concerned how much strain would a road bike place on the wrists in comparison to mtbing? Also, would a bike such as this or, say for example, the Specialized Allez, or Secteur, be suitable for a bloke of a (ahem) bigger build - I'm 15st.

The only road riding I have done has been on a Specialized Tricross Singlespeed and I found the more relaxed geometry of that quite comfortable, how would these bikes compare.

Any advice/suggestions gratefully received



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    should have added I'm not looking to get into racing of any kind. Intend to use the bike for recreational rides of up to 3 hours at a time. Hope this helps
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    i am relatively new to biking..but a spesh roubaix/secteur is meant to be gentle on the body - not sure about the wrists in particular. I suppose you may prefer a cyclocross bike if you still hanker after some riding on tracks etc.
    lets hope the other forum users can help....
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    Thanks. I am only going to sell my "bigger" (7 inch travel) mountain bike, as it is this one that I keep falling off doing increasingly stupid things on it. I will keep hold of my other, more xc orientated bikes, so I will only really need a dedicated road bike
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    I reckon you'll be safer on the road. I ride off road most weekends at this time of year. I usually topple off at some point. Sometimes tho that's due to deliberately riding like a in point, a few laps of Clipstone Forest on Sunday over, I proceeded to wheelie...all good 'til I looped it & landed on my ar$e( on tarmac...ouch!)
  • I suffer with my wrists on a roadie, but I believe that to be a side effect of a poor build from evans, or I have a weird body shape.

    Proof is in the pudding! Borrow a roadie or test ride one and see if it feels right. I think you will appreciate the speed you get from comparitively little effort coming from a MTB. This should sate the crazy in you as well as keep the wife happy =)