Discounted Land Rover bikes - worth it?

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I'm new around here, but thought that I might get some good advice.

I've recently taken up biking again on a casual basis - nothing too serious, and sticking to the gentler marked off-road trails (I recently rode some of the 7 Stanes green and blue routes, and found them perfectly adequate for what I wanted)

However, I'm currently riding my 14 year old Shogun bike - it was very cheap even at the time, it weighs the same as the SS Great Britain and it's showing its age in the componentry very badly. So, I'm casually looking for another cheap bike in the £200-250 range as a replacement.

I'm an employee of Land Rover, and I've been given the opportunity to buy some of the 2009 Land Rover models at 50% discount. I've always thought that the bikes were a bit overpriced for what they were, but wondered if anyone could tell me whether they'd be a good buy at the discounted rate?

I'm looking at the Tahora model ( and have the opportunity to buy one for £200. Would this be a reasonable buy for what I wanted?




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    The Land Rover bikes are made by Claud Butler using a mix and match of componenets you can't get in a CB badged bike.

    They are worthy but not startling bikes, and Claud Butler themselves rarely do well in comparisons these days, being midfield (so not bad but not good).

    However that spec for £200 is pretty good, the dec Rockrider 5-2 Iis usually consider a benchmark cabalbe cheap bike, the LR looks to be better specced to my (not very experienced) eyes.

    Nothing wrong with Shogun's, the daughter has one!

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    Perfectly reasonable bike for £200.
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    Seems fine.
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  • Thanks for your help guys - it's much appreciated.

    Looks like I'm going to go for it.